An Uncommon Architect | Charles M. Goodman

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The County of Fairfax is pleased to present this website as a tribute to famed architect Charles M. Goodman and his iconic residences at The Commons of McLean. While The Commons in particular is highlighted, certain other of his architectural contributions within and outside of Fairfax County, VA, are included as well. Goodman is especially noteworthy as the preeminent mid-century modernist in the Washington, D.C. area, which includes Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland.

LCOR, a primary partner in Fairfax County's exciting redevelopment plan, worked ​with the County to create this website. It was thought that since, under the plan, The Commons of McLean of today will make way for a reimagined Commons, homage must be paid to Goodman—the man and his original vision. To that end, both will live on and resonate throughout the new Commons in its many Goodman-inspired architectural elements which will continue to remind us of his uncommon, creative genius.

We would like to give special thanks to the ​skilled professionals at  HISTORYmatters  in Washington, D.C.—Edna Johnston, Principal and Senior Historian, Kathryn Gettings Smith, Principal Investigator, and Julia Claypoolwho provided a comprehensive overview of The Commons of McLean and the noteworthy architectural elements Goodman employed. Their expertise has greatly enriched the telling of The Commons of McLean story. In addition, ​they, along with Jessica Neubelt, History Matters’ Senior Research Assistant, have also been most generous in gathering photos and offering guidance along the way. Special thanks also to Elizabeth Terry Rose, Architectural Drawings Archivist in the Division of Prints and Photographs of the Library of Congress.

Robert Lautman Collection, courtesy National Building Museum

Charles M. Goodman in his office in Washington D.C.