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The Charles Goodman Project: Videos from the

The National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., is dedicated to “telling the stories of architecture, engineering, and design.” The museum created the Charles Goodman Project to honor the architect’s body of work. They interviewed four prominent architects and historians who had either studied or worked with Mr. Goodman.

Charles Goodman

An Architect's Vision

At The Office

The Importance of Light

Eason Cross Jr. FAIA, architect
Greg K. Hunt FAIA, founding dean, Marywood University School of Architecture
John A. Burns FAIA, architect, National Park Service
Laura V. Treischmann Senior architectural historian, EHT Traceries

Of the four interviewees, three of them—Cross, Hunt, and Burns—have actually lived in the famous Goodman-designed Hollin Hills community outside of Alexandria, Virginia. So they know what they’re talking about! The video clips presented here were taken from longer interviews, conducted between late 2012 and early 2013.

Goodman's Legacy

The Housing Architect

Engaging Corporate America

Growing Appreciation

The videos on this page are from the National Building Museum. To see all of the videos from The Goodman Project, please visit: